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The private platform for Institutional Real Estate Capital Markets

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The real estate asset capital life-cycle

Asedion is a digital solution that caters for the types of transactions that occur throughout a real estate asset’s capital life-cycle. Asedion is also a solution for Real Estate Fund Managers to raise capital from the investment community.

v1.0 Real estate asset capital life-cycl

1. Asset Acquisition Finance

The platform can be used to raise debt or equity finance to acquire an asset. This can be for a single buyer or a syndicate of buyers. It can also engage capital providers from multiple regulatory jurisdictions.

2. Asset Development Finance

Asset owners can use the platform to raise debt or equity finance to develop or refinance an asset. The platform can present funding requirements to both traditional banking contacts and also the alternative finance community.

3. Asset Divestment & Exit

The platform enables asset owners to manage a partial or complete sale of an asset. It also gives asset owners the option to manage the transaction directly or appoint an agent to manage the process - via the platform. 

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