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The private platform for Institutional Real Estate Capital Markets

Asedion Home Desktop View

Centralise the entire transaction process

Asedion centralises - in one platform - the range of workflows associated with Real Estate Capital Market transactions.

Step 1 - Deal Curation

Curate deals simply and quickly using intuitive origination and design workflows.

Asedion Investor Deal Curation on Desktop
Asedion Internal User Control distribution and deal access on Desktop

Control distribution and deal access

The platform alerts potential buyers, lenders or investors to a particular deal. Deal Providers can then control their access to confidential due diligence materials via a document management tool as the transaction evolves. Asedion allows Deal Providers to control who sees a deal and when:

  • Deal Providers can engage their existing network of potential buyers, lenders or investors.

  • Deal Providers can additionally engage agents, advisors or wealth managers to market a deal to their network.

Monitor and drive engagement

Asedion is designed to support and drive a deal towards completion.

  • Utilise customisable email alerts to notify potential buyers, lenders or investors of a deal or update them as the deal terms evolve

  • Control document access via a data room tool that evolves in line with the progress of the deal

  • Centralise communications via real-time Q&A, direct messaging tools and assign your email communications to a deal

  • Review real-time engagement analytics that highlight who is interacting with your deal

  • Monitor transaction management dashboards that show how buyers, lenders and investors are progressing towards deal completion enabling Deal Providers to manage their transaction actively

Asedion Internal User Monitor and drive engagement on Tablet
Asedion Internal User Form syndicates on Desktop

Form syndicates

Asedion technology permits multiple organisations to work on a deal in partnership.

  • Build books from multiple capital providers

  • Form a centralised work-space from which multiple Deal Providers can jointly work on a deal - from origination to execution

Deal across multiple jurisdictions and investor classifications

Asedion is designed to help Deal Providers transact with Capital Providers across multiple regulatory jurisdictions.

  • At a platform level - when a potential capital provider is invited to access the platform they can be asked to affirm their Investor Status and Classification as part of the platform onboarding process

  • At a deal level - a deal can be distributed to capital providers based on their Investor Classification ensuring compliance with a deal’s legally defined selling restrictions

  • Capital Providers can further be asked to affirm their status as part of the deal access process

Asedion Investor Transact Across Multiple Jurisdictions and Investor Classifications on Tablet
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