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The digital platform
for institutional and private real estate
capital markets
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Global real estate markets

are changing. 


Greater international collaboration, growing demand

for direct access to the market, and a stronger desire

for control and transparency, all mean that digitally connecting institutional real estate deal providers,

capital providers and finance providers has never
been more important.


Asedion connects institutional real estate deal providers, capital providers and finance providers to build a global digital hive. This real estate marketplace enables deal providers to control how their opportunities are presented to capital providers, while a common digital infrastructure facilitates how dealflow is transacted by the global institutional real estate community.

The Asedion platform 


Asedion’s technology helps to create, scale and streamline private investment propositions for real estate deal providers. Built upon a digital infrastructure that is used by some of world’s most respected financial institutions, the platform digitises the entire real estate capital lifecycle, with deal origination, distribution, transaction management and reporting being integrated seamlessly into one continuous workflow.

Our solutions  


Whatever your role in the real estate investment lifecycle, Asedion enables greater control of the commercial opportunity - more clarity, deeper collaboration and a richer community of partners, capital and assets. Welcome to the next evolution of real estate capital markets.

Solutions for asset owners

Solutions for investors

Solutions for brokers

We’re here to help...

Our team of real estate and private markets specialists are on hand to offer solutions to your challenges. Contact us today.

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